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Fusion hair extensions (also called pre-bonded) are fused with natural hair utilizing completely different adhesives. Sizzling fusion is an software method where the hair extensions are attached at the hair’s keratin-based tips with a heating factor or instrument. The heat fuses the hair's pure hair with the extensions. On the other hand, the cold fusion technique uses ultrasound bonding to attach hair extensions without any heat harm.

100% human hair wig Wholesale Hair Magic Clip Set – Bodywave (M-CLIP-SET-BW-B) Texture: Bodywave Width: Approx. 2″ extensive An immediate hair attachment! You need to use this piece on a skinny area for fuller look, lengthen the hair and/or use it to create highlights. Set embody: Three of 2″x 8″ , 2 of 2″x 12″

Regular Silky Straight hair texture in 18″ . Simply slide the stretchable wire over the top and pull your hair over the extensions. It’s easy and simple! Magic extensions come in several width, length and layers to your customized order. You choose the size, the width, and the layers . In order for you to make sure the shade and texture matches your hair, you could buy the hair first after which obtain it to your review. Then, return it to us to make the Magic Extensions (extra shipping cost could apply). Any left over hair might be returned along with the brand new Magic Extensions. Magic Extensions are made to order, so there is no return.

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