1. Decision of circulation

Choose a suitable flow price according to the amount of water coming from the well or pool or the amount of water required by the real design system. When choosing the design, the flow rate need to be close to the version flow rate of the example (to make certain that the pump runs in the high-efficiency area).

2. Decision of lift

First, allow’s understand the idea of vibrant water degree and also fixed water level.

Still Water Level – is the elevation of the water level before the pump starts.

Dynamic water degree – after the pump runs generally, the water in the swimming pool and also the pumping quantity of the deep well pump reach an equilibrium point, and also the water level currently is called the vibrant water level.

The head of the deep well pump is calculated by the following formula

H=( H1+ H2+ Δh) × 1.1.

H – needed head (m).

H1—- Range from the vibrant water degree of the pool to the center of the water outlet of the pump seat (m).

H2—- The upright elevation from the center of the water electrical outlet of the pump base to the ground where the flow gets to the ground (m).

Δh—- The resistance loss in the lift pipeline as well as the resistance loss of the water distribution pipeline behind the water electrical outlet of the pump base.

3. Types of electric motors used in deep well pumps.

There are two kinds of motors for long-shaft deep well pumps, ordinary vertical Y series electric motors (sustaining PTS propelled plates) and hollow shaft YLB collection motors for deep well pumps. The insulation qualities are B grade and F grade. With the continuous growth of items, YLB series have actually developed high-power motors with high voltage as well as security degree of IP55. The submersible pump is a YQS type submersible electric motor (water-filled).

Environmental conditions for regular operation of average YLB electric motors:.

( a) The altitude does not go beyond 1000m.

( b) The maximum ambient air temperature varies with the periods, but does not go beyond 40 ° C.

( c) The minimum temperature of ambient air is -15 ° C.

( d) The typical optimum family member humidity of the wettest month is 90%. At the exact same time, the month-to-month typical minimum temperature of the month is not greater than 25 ℃.

Keep in mind: Motors for unique settings can be personalized according to the contract.

4. Numerous sustaining kinds of lengthy shaft deep well pump.

In addition to the standard accessories, common long-shaft pumps can also produce deep well pumps with various functional features according to the unique requirements of clients. If it is needed to enhance the sealing efficiency of the pump seat packaging, the packing seal can be transformed to a mechanical seal device. If there is back stress water at the wellhead, a sealed pump seat can be used. If it is needed to begin running without lubing water, self-lubricating bearings can be made use of at the bracket, or various other types of bearings (such as polymer material bearings) can be made use of according to design or contract requirements.

In addition, for the various media pumped by the deep well pump, the pump components can be made from corrosion-resistant products suitable for different media, such as copper, 316L as well as various other stainless steel.

( 1) Working conditions.

1. The altitude of the pump setup website m.

2. Optimum water inflow price of well m3/h.

3. Circulation rate m3/h needed deliberately.

4. The still water degree of the well m.

5. When the style calls for circulation, the vibrant water level of the well m.

6. The minimum scale pressure Mpa at the outlet of the pump seat.

7. Estimated installment depth of the pump m.

8. Within the estimated installment deepness, the minimal internal size of the well is mm.

9. Allowable maximum external diameter of the downhole component of the pump mm.

10. General deepness of well or pool m.

11. Water high quality: fine sand; medium sand; river and also river water.

( 2) Problems of usage.

1. Water temperature level (optimum value) ℃.

2. Content of strong issue in water (mass percentage) %.

3. Grain size (max and also minutes) mm.

4. Hydrogen sulfide gas web content mg/L.

5. Is there any kind of oil.

6. Wellbore stability.

7. Others.

( 3) Requirements for full collections of pumps.

1. Power kind (unique hollow shaft electric motor, normal upright electric motor, diesel motor or other power).

2. Transmission kind (gear box drive, level belt drive, V-belt drive).

3. The link approach of the training pipe (flange link, threaded connection).

4. The number of pipes equipped with.

5. Requirements for suction filter pipes.

6. The link dimension requirements of the pump seat outlet (matching flange and also size, high demands for the outlet center, and so on).

7. Do you need gateway shutoff, check shutoff, lower valve, exhaust valve, stress gauge, https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/High-precision-custom-high-quality-oilless_62478742132.html and so on.

The discharge side of the pump need to be equipped with a valve (round shutoff or globe shutoff, etc) and also a check valve. The shutoff is utilized to readjust the working factor of the pump, and the check valve can stop the pump from turning around when the fluid flows back (the long-axis deep well pumps generated by our business are outfitted with anti-reversal check tools), and also make the pump prevent the strike of water hammer. (When the liquid recede, significant back stress will certainly be created, which will certainly harm the pump).

8. Is it necessary to pre-lubricate the water storage tank?

9. The elevation of the pump area and also the permitted training height of the training tools.

10. Discharge demands for dripping water from pump seat packing.

11. Other demands (wire, control box, liquid degree control, and so on).

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