ASUS Eee Pc 1005PE Review

By our depend ASUS has launched — at the very least — 20 Eee Pc netbooks since 2008. Some had 8.9-inch or 10-inch shows, some ran Xandros Linux or Windows XP, and a few packed onerous drives instead of flash storage. But widespread to virtually all of them was an Intel Diamondville 1.6GHz Atom N270 or N280 processor. That every one adjustments with the 10-inch Eee Pc 1005PE — considered one of the primary netbooks to characteristic the next-era Intel Pine Trail platform, which options a 45-nanometer Pineview Atom N450 processor that integrates each the reminiscence controller and GMA 3150 graphics onto the CPU die. The newly compact package deal guarantees improved performance and power effectivity, but will you discover the difference? Does the $380 1005PE blow past the Diamondville Eee PCs of late? Read on to seek out out in our full evaluate.%Gallery-80648%

Brand new Intel Atom Pine Trail processorOver eight hours of battery life Nice chiclet keyboard

Glossy lid Lots of preloaded softwareTerrible viewing angles

Though the brand new Intel platform’s decreased package deal dimension ought to enable thinner type factors, the 1005PE retains the identical compact and 2.Eight pound chassis as the 1005HA. But we aren’t complaining — we still had loads of room on our airplane tray desk for a drink and a snack. Overall it’s a nice-wanting machine, but we have nonetheless obtained issues with ASUS’s glossy, fingerprint-attracting lid. (Seriously, is anyone on the market working on making a glossy material that repels fingerprints?) We’d also recommend going with the black version over navy: reflective material the blue lid would not match the black backside, keyboard or display screen bezel and the result is a bruise-like color combo. Just like the 1201N, the plastic chassis feels cheap compared to aluminum-constructed netbooks just like the Nokia Booklet 3G and the HP Mini 5101.

The 1005PE covers the main bases in terms of ports, including three USB ports, VGA, Ethernet, an SD card slot, and headphone/microphone jacks. Hidden behind the battery is a SIM card slot.

Despite the matte keys feeling a bit flimsy, the typing experience on the chiclet keyboard was strong, and we hardly ever mistyped words while penning this assessment. The left shift key is full-measurement, and although the right one is shrunken it is placed in the right spot to the left of the up arrow. We proceed to be followers of the flush trackpad that is differentiated only by a grid of Braille-like raised dots; it was greater than snug on our index finger and two-finger scrolling labored fairly properly. But we might love to see that stiff, clicky mouse bar changed with two quieter dedicated proper and left mouse buttons.

The 1005PE’s 10-inch, 1024 x 600 decision display is lots vivid and watching an episode of 30 Rock on Hulu at full screen regarded clear and crisp. It is a shame that it’s surrounded by a thick glossy bezel which is nearly as reflective as the display screen itself, although.

So, what sort of distinction does the brand new single-core 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 make? Coupled with 1GB of RAM and a 5,400rpm 250GB onerous drive that boots Windows 7 Starter, the 1005PE felt slightly snappier than netbooks with Atom N270 or N280 chips, but not by a lot. We didn’t wait around for applications to launch or have any issues running Firefox 3, TweetDeck, and iTunes concurrently. It’s doable to run Photoshop, however modifying a batch of pictures nonetheless requires the patience of a grade-college trainer — similar to on N270 or N280 machines. The benchmarks say the identical: On Geekbench the 1005PE notched 942, whereas the 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280 powered 1008HA scored a decrease 756. Either way, the efficiency acquire isn’t going to blow you away, and keeps netbooks in line with their unique objective — gentle productivity and internet tasks.

It’s the same story with the Intel’s GMA 3150 GPU, which is now built-in into the Pineview CPU. Like earlier Atom-based Eee PCs netbooks (excluding the 1201N) you are not going to need to place a 1080p video anyplace close to it, however a 720p Quicktime clip performed back quite smoothly, but we had the usual choppy issues playing an HD YouTube video. 3DMark06 scores additionally present that graphics gain is minimal: the 1005PE notched 157, which is increased than the GMA945-based 1008HA’s 102, but not by such a significant quantity that you just’d notice actual world variations.

Eee Pc 1005PE

(Atom N450 – Pineview)

Eee Pc 1008HA(Atom N280 – Diamondville)

Geekbench (higher is best) 942 756

WPrime 32M (lower is healthier) 115.847 sec 137.624 sec

3DMark06 (higher is healthier) 157 102

Cinebench (greater is best) 869 726

The actual acquire with Pine Trail comes in battery life, because the platform uses 20 percent much less energy than its predecessor. Outfitted with a reasonably customary six-cell 5800mAH battery that juts out solely slightly from the underside of the machine, the 1005PE ran for an eight hours and 10 minutes at 65 percent screen brightness throughout our grueling video rundown take a look at. Should you have any kind of concerns relating to wherever in addition to how you can make use of reflective fabric – -, it is possible to e-mail us from the webpage. We obtained just over 10 and a half hours of juice when web looking, writing in Microsoft Word and listening to streaming music — significantly impressive compared to 1005HA, which has the same battery and runs for about eight hours during related utilization.

Battery Life (video rundown take a look at)

Eee Pc 1005PE (Atom N450, 6-cell – 5400mAH, Win7) 8:10:00

Eee Pc 1008HA (Atom N280, 4-cell – 2900mAH, Win7) 4:01:00

HP Mini 5101 (Atom N280, 6-cell – 4910mAH, WinXP) 5:45:00

You’ll be able to launch the 1005PE’s ExpressGate on the spot-on OS by hitting the button on the highest of the keyboard deck. The interface is attractive and it is fast to hook up with WiFi, but we’re nonetheless not satisfied by prompt-on operating techniques — significantly since it simply takes an extra forty seconds to launch Windows 7. Oh, and all of ASUS’s new netbooks come preloaded with an annoying screensaver with hold-esque music that performs in the background. Seriously, you can not swap this off quick enough.

If you’ve got been waiting for Pine Trail netbooks hoping for noticeably higher performance and graphics, you’re not going to get it — and the truth is you most likely will not even notice the distinction between the 1005PE and older Diamondville-primarily based Eee PCs until you start using it on battery power alone. Though we’re a bit upset in Pine Trail’s minimal performance enchancment, particularly in terms of streaming 720p video content, that is to not say the $380 1005PE will not be a stable, affordable selection for these on the lookout for a 10-inch netbook with severely impressive battery life when it goes on sale January 4th. And in terms of netbooks, Pine Trail or not, you can’t actually ask for way more.

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