Art Museum

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the International Art Museum of America (IAMA) is a permanent, non-profit museum open to the public. It is not government-subsidized.

The museum’s goal is to utilize the exhibition forum to display works of art that have achieved the most exquisite beauty and preciousness in the history of civilization. It takes as its mission bringing humanity happiness and uplifting aesthetic enjoyment. Via exhibiting world-class art, it aims to further the moral progress, spiritual well-being, and cultural development of humanity and advance world peace.

International Art Museum of America collects and exhibits outstanding works by famous artists. As an international public art museum, it is committed to assuring that the exhibited artworks meet discerning world-class standards of excellence. The Board of Directors has established their criteria for artwork selection as follows:

“Regardless of the medium—whether it be painting or calligraphy, ink-wash painting, oil painting, watercolor, gouache, or sculpture—the artwork must come from the hands of a world-class or national artist, and the value of artworks by any such living artist must be within the highest or second-highest tier of valuation. For an artist’s work to be considered by the museum, they must have artworks valued at or above US$200,000 per square foot. Otherwise, they must have had their work exhibited by the highest governmental body of their nation, be an eminent artist and the director of an art museum, or head of an art academy. Additionally, the works of artists who lived over one hundred years ago are exempt from the valuation minimum, but they must be exhibited at two or more art museums of worldwide renown, and such artists must have produced artwork of exceptional quality to be considered for exhibition at the International Art Museum of America. The museum is concerned only with the quality of the artwork itself, not with the number of artists whose works are selected for exhibition.”

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