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[Music] what’s up you gave fluffers Joshy with tools for 20 or vaporizer shop and today I’m going to show you everything you need to know about the Arizer solo to the solo 2 is the upgraded version of the soul of one from a riser a canadian-based company that’s been around for many years the line of the portable vapes or the solo the air the go or also refers to as the Argo so I’m gonna show you what accessories come with the solo 2 you get a case right you put your you can put your vape in it your stems everything goes on here and you hook that up to your belt it’s pretty convenient if you’re golfing and things like that you can carry it with you it’s like a holster emanuelle one is manual and just do the to do a multi-tool cleaning tool whatever you can scoop ever out of this this dumbness right lavender don’t know what you need that for but hey you can freshen your air your house with it with this glass aroma tube put that in here put it in there and make your house smell like lavender yeah I know you can smoke it you are vape it can you bake this no no guys let us know I haven’t tried it set of screens a shorter glass stem alright with the carrying tube so you can pre-fill these put these stems or put these caps on them and then carry it with you I think that’s a smelt roof and another big one for this and that’s another class them and your bait you get a sticker as well so these are the accessories that come with the solo 2 I’m gonna talk about some of the features that make the solo to a very unique vaporizer for its category I mean it’s super easy to use for such temperature control very easy to clean and maintain the battery life is ridiculous all the buy relief is I think for me it lasted about three hours close to three hours which is amazing I mean look at the size of a tooth oh it’s got two lithium ions in there which we’ll talk about all of these in details in this review great airflow amazing vapor production and it can be used while charging so these these are pretty I mean awesome features so I’m going to show you how to use the solo – I’m gonna show it in two different ways so you can fill your glass stems with grounded material or you can fill it with buds they’re both they both work I find the grounded Matilda works better because air can flow through it better and easier so you fill it up make it nice and tight like like that like so and then when you grind it the inside I do it this way so the herb in case if it’s a little bit of looseness inside it doesn’t fall into the chamber it just nice and packed it goes in the other way you can just grab your butt break it down into pieces and you just shove that in here that’s the other alternative that you can use with with the grounded material you may find it as you vaporize clothes that you’re getting closer to your session it can get through the tube and come into your mouth which can be frustrating and they give you the screens you can have the screen but that impacts your inflow and it makes it more restricted or you can use this method this way but I find this way you don’t get the most out of your herb it doesn’t date prise it as can system as it should so it’s up to you it’s a matter of preference whichever you like so after you fill it up you press the Menu button the top arrow and the menu button give you a give you a countdown beep and loud beep and you can adjust the temperature so if you want whatever you want it’s precise and if you hold the button for a few seconds it jumps by 10 increments right or you can just go per degree and once you set it you press it and starts heating up right what else you can do is you have different options where you can change the beep the sound of it to to a high medium low you can change the standby mode from 15 minutes to whatever you want it goes all the way down to 5 minutes right and then you can change from Celsius to Fahrenheit so medium high if you want to be stealthy you stay on low and it the amount of seconds it takes for it for you to hold that button so 1 2 3 4 5 seconds right so you can adjust that as well I’m down here so it doesn’t take as long 4 seconds for the buttons to be held and then for it to start kind of thing so that’s about it so you press the button you let it heat up it takes about 30 seconds but I recommend waiting a little longer then you get a really good vapor right off the bat and the other thing is this chamber can hold or this stun can hold up 2.2 grams of herb right and you get two of them so that’s point four grams of herb so that’s that’s basically your chamber size right when it’s ready eats up take a drop that’s pretty much it the solo 2 uses a hybrid heating system it makes up convection and conduction meaning the herb is not in direct contact with the heat as it is inside the glass tube and insert it inside the chamber or heating element it takes about 30 seconds to heat up but I recommend waiting longer for another 10 seconds to get better vapor production the glass stem chamber is not easy to stir but it doesn’t seem that necessary to either as the ABV looks pretty cooked but you can definitely get a couple of more poles if you could stir the chamber unlike other air rises portable vapes and it gets warm but it doesn’t get hot to surprise you so which is pretty awesome they’ve done a really good job with that it doesn’t get hot or burn you it none of them burn you but it’s just if you’re not ready for it it can shock you the goal that’s that’s hot it doesn’t feel that way with the solo the vapor quality for the solo 2 is really good and smooth the glass air pathway is a good choice for flavor chasers and it really releases the herbs have terpene profile and makes the vapor very tasty it comes with two stems one is about four and a half inches and the other one is about three and a half inches long you can fit up to 0.2 grams of herb and in each of them the airflow is also very impressive – as there are recessed heat jets inside the heating chamber the solo – produces amazing vapor and it is by far one of the most impressive bakes in the vapor production department other vapes are pretty good – some of the other ones some of the other important goals are pretty good – but the solo is right up there as well so if you’re a cloud chaser then the solo – you may be a good choice for you by the end of the session the herbs get through the holes on the glass tube and get into your mouth it’s like the herb leaves its fluffiness and gets through the holes so try not to grinder or to fine you can also put a screen there but I wouldn’t recommend it as the screen can restrict your airflow you can also use a coarse grind or break down the herb but you won’t get the most vapor as grinding allows for better airflow through drier the herb traveling through the glass tube is also a sign that your curve is almost done and wholesale vaping supply producer maybe you just need to change the chamber the device feels pretty solid made of a metal on weighs about 7 ounces it comes in two different colors mystic blue and black I wouldn’t say the solo2 is the most portable vape due to its size especially after adding a glass mouthpiece is pretty long so it is portable but it’s not the most stealthy and discreet vape I wouldn’t say the battery life on the solo is really good it’s very impressive actually that’s probably the reason why it’s so big it has two 18 650 lithium ions in it it lasts about it three hours of use and it takes about two hours to charge depending how drained the battery is it comes with the wall charger and you plug it into the wall and you charge it Arizer offers a two-year warranty covering defects and material and workmanship and a lifetime warranty on the heating element which is nice and one year on the battery it’s just cool I mean not a lot of companies are cover batteries but yeah that’s pretty solid so clean the solo2 or any of the air riser portable vaporizers are super easy I mean the maintenance is very minimal on these vapes on Arizer portable vapes so to solo you’re only dealing with the glass stems and you can either soak them in rubbing alcohol or and rinse them off or you can use q-tips soaked in rubbing alcohol and clean the inside the chamber or the oven and etc if you’re really busy and on the go and you don’t have or traveling you don’t have you know isopropyl handy with you and things like that I use these cleaning sticks which see which are already packaged and pre soaked so they’re soaked in rubbing alcohol or in packaged and sealed and you can open them and use them to clean and clean your vaporizers with it I would probably say another babe or other vapes that compared to this Solo in that category of battery life especially and vapor quality I would look at the mighty or the boundless CFX these two they they have good batteries the two lithium ions in each of them just like the solo so I would take a look at the CF I balanced the FX where the the mighty by Storz and Bickel so this is it for the Arizer solo – and i hope you guys like this review if you really like to give it a thumbs up subscribe share share the love if you have any questions and feedback please leave them in the description section below we answer all of them let us know what you think and let us know if you want us to do any other reviews thanks for now bye [Music] you [Music]

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