Find My Car Smarter Uses Bluetooth Smart To Locate Your Car

One time, I spent hours wandering the parking lot after a live performance. I really want I had marked the placement of my automotive. Not relied on my memory to navigate. Next time I find myself in that situation, I’m going to use Find My Car Smarter. It is a Kickstarter mission from FMC Smart which routinely marks your location each time you park your automobile.

The system makes use of a low-energy Bluetooth Smart gadget (shown under), an iOS app and a Bluetooth 4.Zero suitable phone just like the iPhone 4S. The Bluetooth Smart machine is a small USB dongle that matches in a typical car charger. It plugs into your car’s 12V accessory type c charging cable port and stays there. The iOS app, Find My Car Smarter, connects to the Bluetooth Smart machine and runs in the background. The app stays connected to the dongle till you energy down the device by turning off your automotive. In case your automotive doesn’t power down the accessory port, then the app will disconnect if you walk away and get exterior the dongle’s 10-foot range.

It’s this disconnection that triggers the app to mark your location. This all occurs within the background automatically. You do not should open the app or remove the Bluetooth device. You just stop your automobile and walk away figuring out that your location has been pinned. If you’re away on trip and don’t want your car, you can flip off these background processes. This stops the app from mechanically saving your car’s location, so you’ll have to remember to turn it again on if you get dwelling.

When you’re able to return residence, simply fireplace up the app, and it’s going to show both your current location and your car’s location on a map. The app calculates how far away you’re out of your automotive, and how long its been parked in that place. It’ll even use your phone’s compass that will help you stroll in the fitting path.

I tested out the system for a couple of weeks, and that i extremely recommend it to anyone who regularly parks in a big parking lot. It’s so convenient. You solely need to set it up as soon as. Then you possibly can overlook about it. You only must set it up once. Then you can overlook about it. In observe, I discovered it to be correct within 10-20 ft. The app introduced me close sufficient to my automotive that I could simply discover it with a quick scan.

The system is straightforward to use, correct and reasonably priced. I additionally like the fact that it uses cutting edge technology like Bluetooth Smart. The one downside I found was the scale of the Bluetooth Smart dongle. It is so small that it’s totally easy to lose. If you keep saved in a USB car charger, you will do okay, cellphone charging cable but in case you carry it around unfastened in your bag, there’s a superb probability you will lose it.

The Find My Car Smarter system is available as a Kickstarter undertaking. It’s reached its funding goal, and the first round of units shipped this week. When the Kickstarter a part of the undertaking ends next week, the devices shall be accessible for purchase from the company’s web site. The basic package deal features a Bluetooth Smart dongle and the iOS app for US$25. For an extra $5, you can add in a USB car charger if you do not already have one.

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