Masked Gang Who Tried To Rob A Travellers’ Site Jailed

A masked gang who carried out a ‘mass attack on a traveller site’ with machetes. Iron bars have been jailed for more than 200 years in complete for conspiracy to commit robbery.

The 14 raiders terrorised their victims, together with girls, youngsters and infants, as they demanded money at gunpoint from them on April 26, 2016.

Dressed in black and carrying balaclavas, mud masks and bandanas to conceal their faces, a gaggle of men entered three houses in Lenham, near Maidstone in Kent, at around 11.30pm.

A gang of 14 men raided Wheat Gratten Stable Yards in the village of Lenham, close to Maidstone, Kent. Left, John Smillie of Walthamstow, who was jailed for sixteen years, and proper, Lee George Baker of Eastbourne, jailed for 12 years

Three of the robbers, Jheryl Long, John Smillie and Ahmed Ali, buying gear from B&Q before the raid

Occupants have been threatened with shotguns, handguns, crowbars and baseball bats throughout a chronic assault, and 4 victims then had their wrists bound together with cable ties.

The armed gang discovered £2,500 in cash however threatened to murder the travellers believing that they had much more cash hidden within the camp.

One couple was threatened with guns held to their heads whereas their six-yr-old son, woken by the commotion, pleaded ‘Daddy, please do not allow them to kill me’.

Jurors have been advised the gang had outfitted themselves with bolstered tape, latex gloves, torches, cable ties and demolition bars purchased from branches of B&Q and Poundland just hours earlier than the raid.

The stableyard, situated off a slender country lane, was ‘stormed’ at about 11.30pm on April 26, 2016, Maidstone Crown Court heard. Left, Nana Danquah of Potters Bar, who was jailed for 18 years, and proper, Nyake Alieu of Seaford, who was sentenced to 16 years

Money was found discarded by a gang of armed robbers who raided the travellers site

A father of seven was struck with a truncheon and handgun, before falling to the ground where he was kicked, crushed with a crowbar and baseball bat, and stabbed to his arm and thigh.

The offenders discovered a quantity of money and a designer handbag and then fled in different instructions, leaving their victims tied up.

But throughout the raid on Wheat Gratten Stable Yards in the Kent village, the robbers were compelled to leave virtually empty-handed when the residents fought back.

Pictured: Darren Myers, 33, and Jake Jenks purchasing cable ties from Poundland

A craft knife was found discarded on the scene following the terrifying late night raid

They chased the robbers throughout the sector and rammed getaway vehicles, some of which had been badly broken and needed to be abandoned on the scene.

Maidstone Crown Court heard that the armed robbers brandished a sawn-off shotgun and handgun, but none of the 14 defendants have been convicted of carrying a firearm and/or imitation firearm with intent.

A complete of 17 men were identified by police, with fourteen subsequently convicted by a jury or admitting their half.

They had been jailed for conspiracy to rob following a sequence of trials over two years.

Passing sentence, Judge Julian Smith stated the ‘mass assault’ on the traveller site was ‘bold, audacious, decided and distinctive’. Left, Darren Myers, jailed for 21 years, and right, Jake Jenks, sentenced to 14 years

Their sentences, ranging between nine years and 21 years imprisonment can now be reported following the jailing right this moment of the final raider, Junior Shawki Tamakloe, who was described as ‘a critical participant’ in both organising and overseeing the raid. The 34-yr-previous from London pleaded responsible to conspiracy to rob. Was jailed for 13-and-a-half years.

Previous sentencing hearings noticed Aaron Mayers, 31, from Hackney, jailed for 16 years; Nana Danquah, also 31 and from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, jailed for 18 years; and Jake Jenks, 23, from Tunbridge Wells, jailed for 14 years.

Darren Myers, 33 and likewise from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, jailed for 21 years for conspiracy to rob and possession of a disguised firearm.

Connor Miller, 21, additionally from Tunbridge Wells, was imprisoned for 13 years; Lee Baker, 29, from Eastbourne, was jailed for 12 years; Nyake Alieu, 33, additionally from Eastbourne, was jailed for sixteen years; and 26-12 months-outdated Brady Dewson was jailed for mobile phone data cable 12 years.

Ahmed Ali, 23, from London, was jailed for 13 years; Jheryl Long, 24, from London, was jailed for sixteen years; Glenn Kenny, 25 and from Suffolk, was jailed for nine years and 4 months; and John Smillie, 25, from Walthamstow, and Faisal Issah, 24, from Tottenham, had been every jailed for 14 years.

Prosecutors mentioned the masked males armed themselves with a variety of weapons including a sawn-off shotgun, a handgun, iron bars and a machete. Left, Aaron Mayers, jailed for sixteen years, and right, Ahmed Ali, jailed for 13 years

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None nonetheless had been convicted of carrying a firearm and/or imitation firearm with intent.

Passing sentence, Judge Julian Smith said the ‘mass assault’ on the traveller site was ‘daring, audacious, decided and exceptional’, carried out within the hope of ‘important reward’.

One of many armed robbers himself spoke of the expectation of a ‘life-altering’ monetary gain.

At the start of every trial, prosecutor Nina Ellin advised the jury: ‘The masked males have been dressed in darkish clothes and armed with a variety of weapons including a sawn-off shotgun, a handgun, iron bars and a machete.

‘They were demanding giant sums of cash at the purpose of a gun. They terrorised the occupants of the caravans which included girls and younger children and one man was brutally attacked.

Prosecutor Nina Ellin said the gang tied up a few of their victims with cable ties. Left, Brady Dewson, jailed for 12 years, and right, Glenn Kenny, who was jailed for nine years

‘They tied up a few of their victims with cable ties which that they had introduced with them prepared for that objective.’

However the court docket heard the ‘tables had been turned’ when the raiders themselves got here beneath assault.

‘Other occupants sought to repel the attackers. Shots had been fired, autos have been rammed, and the attackers withdrew into the evening,’ added Miss Ellin.

Police discovered four vehicles abandoned on the stableyard. Another, a gold Audi TT, was traced and the occupants arrested.

Others have been identified and arrested by way of DNA, fingerprints, mobile phone knowledge, CCTV and computerized quantity plate recognition cameras.

However the ‘tables had been turned’ when the raiders themselves came under attack, the court was informed. Left, Jheryl Long, jailed for sixteen years, and proper, Connor Miller, jailed for thirteen years

The raid concerned four ‘groups’ from London, Kent, Sussex and Essex coming together and ‘converging’ on the stableyard at the same time.

Miss Ellin said CCTV at a B&Q store in Tottenham, north London, and a Poundland branch in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, confirmed a few of the gang shopping for their ‘equipment’, whereas others carried out a reconnaissance of the location.

Three males, Vincent Stickings, 31, from Thamesmead, south London, Kieon Barker, 24 and from Stoke Newington, and Irasto Yoxall, 32, from Bethnal Green, were cleared of any involvement.

Judge Julian Smith stated: ‘This offence was clearly the result of a good deal of planning – bold and audacious planning involving a mass attack on a traveller site by a bunch of armed, masked and decided attackers prepared to make use of important pressure. The actions of the attackers had been co-ordinated to attain maximum impression for significant reward. The attackers were ready to make use of excessive drive to realize it.

Faisal Issah (pictured), 24, from Tottenham, was jailed for 14 years

‘They believed themselves prepared and capable of subdue the residents with cable ties, weapons, threats and numbers. They expected giant sums of money to be on that site.’

Judge Smith added the raiders have been additionally conscious that their target would not be ‘simply cowed into submission.

‘Armed and disguised as they had been, the group stormed the site, climbing over partitions, charging via gates and attacking each caravan that they came to,’ he continued.

‘But the very fact the assault was probably unsuccessful has extra to do with the response of the households on the location and their vigorous, and even desperate, response.

‘The attackers have been chased throughout fields in all directions to flee the scene and residents used their own vehicles to ram parked cars, disabling some of them and stopping escape.

‘This is a case which can properly be described as distinctive.’

The court heard the victims proceed to endure emotionally and physically, and it had led to some leaving their homes for good out of worry.

One described the impression as having ‘broken up’ the households sharing the stable yard.

The court heard Tamakloe has no previous convictions and is a ‘volunteer and mentor’ within his group, the place he additionally cares for his in poor health mom.

Jailing him, Judge Smith stated though he accepted the raid was not his ‘brainchild’, he had performed a key position and supplied a hyperlink between the groups in London and Kent.

Junior Tamakloe, who the decide said was ‘clearly vital to the planning and organisation and had an general image of this attack’, was sentenced to thirteen and a half years as we speak

‘He was clearly crucial to the planning and organisation and had an total image of this assault,’ he added.

After sentencing Detective Inspector James Derham, a senior investigating officer for this case, mentioned: ‘These men subjected three households to excessive levels of violence which left them in worry that they would be killed. To find more info in regards to mobile phone data cable ( look at the webpage. The ordeals the victims had been subjected to have been terrifying. It has taken an enormous amount of courage to speak out towards these males.

‘The extent of violence used shows the offenders to be a very real risk to society and it’s fit and proper that they now face a substantial amount of time in custody.

‘I wish to thank the victims for the help they have given to this investigation. It has helped put together a strong. Compelling case which has secured these completely applicable sentences.

‘This case exhibits the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate will relentlessly pursue organised crime groups working on this county and convey those accountable earlier than the courts.

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